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What Is Guest Blogging in SEO? Link Building In 2020

What Is Guest Blogging in SEO? Being a blogger you might be searching for. Or this question may knock your mind anytime if you are at the beginning stage of your blogging career.

So many SEO experts are talking about the Benefits Of Guest Posting and the Benefits Of Guest Posting In SEO.

But the question is, are you done with the concept of guest posting or guest blogging? Do you know everything about this concept?

Because undoubtedly it is one of the most important things in blogging or SEO. So, I will start this blog with a big “WHY” first I will be talking about why you should focus on guest posting and why it is important.

Then I will tell you the ways to get the guest posts and to get some high-quality backlinks directly to your blog.

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Well, let get back to the point and learn everything about the guest posting 2020.

What Is Guest Blogging in SEO? [Complete Explanation]

First of letting me clear the concept of Guest Blogging In SEO. Because it can confuse you very badly.

So, let’s assume there two websites the first one is abcd.com and the second one is xyz.com, both the sites are talking about On Page SEO Techniques.

Then, suppose you are the owner of xyz.com and you want to rank a keyword on-page SEO techniques.

So, the first thing you have to do write a detailed article about this topic and publish it with proper images on your site, you should also follow the Image SEO Techniques while adding some images to your post.

Then, after publishing the post you will require some high-quality backlinks to rank the post on Google.

For that nothing is better than the guest post, so here comes today’s topic guest posting or guest blogging.

Now you have to talk to the owner of abcd.com that I have mentioned at the beginning who’s blog is all about the SEO and digital marketing.

You will have to ask the very professionally for backlinks if the owner says yes to you. Then you will have to write an article on On-Page SEO, add one or two links to your post in your related keyword that you want to rank on Google.

Then send this article in a file to the owner of abcd.com, the admin will publish this content on his blog and you will get a high-quality, relevant link from that blog.

You have published your content on someone’s blog as a guest. So, this is the concept of guest posting or guest blogging.

I believe now you are clear with What Is Guest Blogging in SEO? Now let’s talk about the benefits of guest posting.

Importance Of Guest Post Blogging in SEO

What are the Importance Of Guest Blogging in SEO or the Benefits of Guest Blogging in SEO? This is the big question that may come to your mind.

So, let’s explore why do you have to put the effort into guest posting and why it is very important as posting articles on your blog.

When you are getting backlinks from other similar blogs that are on the same niche then it will be indicated to Google that your blog has better quality than the other one.

Also, guest posting is one of the high-quality backlinks that help you a lot to rank your blog on Google. However, there are plenty of backlinks types available in which we have web 2.0, profile links, social bookmarking, press releases, and many more.

But still, nothing can be more helpful than the guest posts. So, Guest Post Blogging in SEO is very important.

  • First thing, gust post-build authority of your blog on Google.
  • It increases your blog’s DA and PA.
  • Guest posting helps you to rank your blog on Google.
  • It also drives some traffic back to your blog from the blog from where you are getting backlinks.
  • Guest posting also builds the social authority of your blog.
  • Apart from this guest posting also increases your domain’s authority.

Well, these are some of the most important Benefits Of Guest Blogging in SEO, or the Benefits Of Guest Posting in SEO.

If you want to rank your blog on Google for some specific keywords, then you should focus on the guest posts.

However, sometimes you have to pay for guest posts. But if you are smart enough then you can get some high-quality guest posts for free.

Because so many sites are offering a free guest post on their blog. For that you can search on Google, free guest posting sites list.

Also, you can make a social community of bloggers where you can ask other fellow bloggers for backlinks or the guest post exchange.

Well, this is the complete concept of guest posting or guest blogging. I believe you find this post helpful to you, now it is your turn to start doing guest posting and ranking your blog at the top on Google.

Also, I am expecting one favor from you, just do share this post on your social media accounts, and do share this post with your fellow bloggers who need this, and I will keep sharing more helpful SEO guides for you. Cheers!

The Final Words

Ranking a blog on Google seems to be very tough nowadays. Because the whole scenario has been changed and regular old SEO techniques aren’t working effectively.

So, you need to be updated with the current Google updates and ranking factors. However, this will be settled in your mind by time and experience.

For now, just keep following the right SEO techniques and keep posting valuable and useful blog posts on your blog, and one more important thing do not misguide your audience and do not change your niche just be on your niche and you will get a very impressive result for sure.