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Image SEO Techniques [Importance Of Image SEO]

Images are also an important part of your content. Because we all know graphics are more attractive than the text format. So, if you want to gain some organic traffic, then you should also focus on Image SEO as well.

Because you can also get some organic and targeted traffic from Google Images. When you search for something on google, then google shows you related images as well. When you click on the image then you will see thousands of images that you can download.

If you working as an event blogger, then you may know the value of image ranking very well. Because in the event blogging images bring huge traffic direct to your blog. So, here I have decided to talk about Image SEO Techniques.

However, it is not rocket science, all you need to do a few things and you will be able to rank your image on Google.

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Well, now without wasting the time let’s jump to the working Image SEO Techniques that you can try on your own.

Importance Of Image SEO

When you search something on google, then on the main page you will see the sites that are ranking for your searched term. And it will show you some attractive and well-optimized titles. Being a user you just need to click on the title to get some informative content.

But as per the current study, Google Images also bring huge traffic to your blog. For that, your images should be ranked on Google Images. When a user clicks on images in the search result, then Google shows a lot of related images to the user.

After that when a user clicks on an image, then he/she will be redirected to the site on which the admin has uploaded that particular image. This how images directly refer to the traffic to the main blog. And the best part is, Image SEO is an easy task.

You just need to do a few things, and your images will be ranked on Google before your main post will rank in Google search. It sounds very magical, right? But it isn’t, because it is all about following the right strategies at the right time and in the right way.

So, without wasting the time, let check out the Image SEO Techniques you need to follow to rank your images on Google Search.

How To Do Effective Image SEO Techniques

It is quite simple, and the process starts from the very first step when you download or design an image for your blog. First of all, you should set a name created for your keyword. It means the image name should be related to your keyword.

Then after that, you should make sure that your compress the images with an image compressor tool. It will optimize the images to boost up your page speed.

Now you can upload the images on your webpage. After the click on the image and click on the edit button. There you will two options one is Alternative Text, and the second one is Image Title Attribute.

The alternative text should be some related to your keyword, or it can be your alternative keyword. Also, the Image Title Attribute must be the keyword or name that better describes what your image is all about. It can be a keyword or a line that can describe your image.

These are two things you need to do. Also, you can click on the Open link in a new tab, so whenever someone clicks on the image in Google Search then your blog will be opened in a new tab. So, this is all you need to do for an effective Image SEO.

The Final Verdict

This was how you can do an effective Image SEO, I already told you, it is not rocket science. All you need to take care of a few things and hopefully your images will be ranked very easily on Google Image Search. And you will surely get some organic traffic from Google Images as well.