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Off-Page SEO Techniques

Off-Page SEO Techniques [Ultimate Tutorial 2021]

Off-Page SEO Techniques

Off-Page SEO, if you are in SEO or blogging then might be familiar with this word. Because it is the actual backbone for any blog. If you want to rank a keyword on Google, then, must have knowledge about the right Off-Page SEO Techniques.

However, it is not rocket science, just you have to follow the right strategy at the right time. Well, in today’s I will be talking about the Benefits Of Off-Page SEO and of course the Off-Page SEO Techniques as well.

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Well, let me clear one thing, in the beginning, Off-Page SEO is not a one or two days process. You will have to keep doing Off-Page SEO if you want to rank your blog and if you want to maintain the ranking of your blog on Google.

This part of SEO is all about “BACKLINKS”, this is the most important thing in blogging and SEO. If you aren’t familiar with backlinks strategies then you can’t survive in blogging or SEO.

Usually, people always talk about On-Page SEO, but they do not pay that much attention to Off-Page SEO, whereas, it is the most important thing for every blogger or SEO expert.

So, without wasting the time let’s check out all off-page seo tutorial step by step, in which I will tell you the various type of high-quality backlinks and also I will talk about the ways to get them for your blog.

Off-Page SEO Techniques [Types Of Backlinks]

How to do Off-Page SEO

I wouldn’t take too much time, and I want to start sharing the useful information only that you want to know, and here I want to tell you one more thing Off-Page is just a process to make some good backlinks for your blog.

So, I will directly talk about the types of backlinks without wasting your time so that you can get useful information to rank your blog. If you are a blogger or an SEO expert.

Then you know little about Off-Page SEO. As I already to told you Off-Page is all about how to make backlinks for your blog.

This is really simple, but you should follow the right Off-Page SEO Techniques. So, first, let’s understand what are backlinks with a real-life example.

Example:- Just imagine, you go to a shoe shop to buy one pair of shoes for you. When you enter the shop, the owner told you everything about the shop and then tells you that you can get even better quality at the next shop.

So, in this condition what will you think? Being a human you will think if a shoe seller is referring to another one then definitely I can get some better quality in the next shop. In this scene, unknowingly the first shop owner gave a backlink to the next shop.

The same process we follow up in the Off-Page SEO. If you write an article on your blog and put a link to someone’s blog in related keywords in your article. Then Google bots will crawl your blog and they will find a link to someone’s blog.

So, they will consider that if you are referring to the other for the same topic, then that blog might have some better quality content for the users. And then Google will start boosting that blog’s ranking for those related keywords.

This is how backlinks actually work. Now I will share some of the types of backlinks, that every SEO expert follows but they never reveal.

Types Of Backlinks

Types Of Backlinks

Guest Post – Guest posting or guest blogging is one of the best ways to get real high-quality backlinks for your blog. This is one of the most genuine types of backlinks. And personally, I do prefer doing a guest post or guest blogging to rank my blogs.

We wrote a complete guide on What is Guest Blogging in SEO? You can check that out to learn about it deeply. But in basic terms guest posting is the process to write an article on someone’s blog that allows you to post your content on his/her blog and to get back a backlink to your blog.

However, nowadays guest posting or guest blogging isn’t an easy task. Sometimes you may have to pay for it, because the bloggers may ask you to pay for a backlink. But if you have some really good content, then there are plenty of websites are accepting free guest posts.

Web 2.0 – First of all I want to tell you just search on Google “Free Web 2.0 List” and you will get a complete list of web 2.0 sites. Now let me tell you what is web 2.0. Basically, these are the authority sites that offer a free article posting to everyone.

All you will have to make your account on these sites, then post your unique content on these blogs and put your blog’s link in the content. By using this way you can get so many free and high-quality backlinks. It is one of the safe and the best ways to do an Effective Off-Page SEO in 2021.

Image Sharing Backlinks – Image backlinks are quite good at SEO. They do not harm your blog even help you to build authority for your blog in Google Search.

For that you can search on Google “Image Sharing Sites List” and you will get so many lists where you can share images and can get some genuine backlinks for your blog.

Profile Links – It may sound awkward to you, but there are plenty of sites from where you can get backlinks just by creating your profile. A simple search on Google “Profile Backlinks Sites” you will get so many sites where you can make your profile and can put your backlinks in it.

PBN – PBN stands for personal blogging network or private blogging network. They are one of the well-known types of backlinks. Usually, people purchase PBN links. Basically, they are normal blogs with no traffic but with good DA and PA.

People are using PBN in a huge quantity, but I would personally not recommend you to buy PBN links. Because they can harm your blog badly, even in some cases I have seen bloggers had lost their blog’s rankings.

Blog Commenting – This is one of the cheap and the oldest way to get backlinks. All you will have to go to the various blogs, go to the comment section, and leave a comment and your site’s link in the comment section.

Also, you can use HTML code to get backlinks in a proper keyword, however, it completely depends on the owner either they approve your comment or not. But there is a lot website that auto-approve all the comments and every commenter can get a backlink.

Final Words

how to make backlinks

Well, these are the Off-Page SEO Techniques that you can follow to rank your blog on Google. Now I believe you are clear with all your doubts, so just make some good and healthy backlinks for your blog and you will see amazing results in your blogs’ ranking.