Off-Page SEO [The Working Off-Page SEO Techniques 2020]


SEO is the most powerful and technical way to rank on Google. If you want to rank your website on Google, then, first of all, you should optimize your website according to the search engine algorithms.

Optimizing a webpage according to the search engine algorithms is called SEO that stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Creating a website isn’t enough until it didn’t rank on the search engine. The way to rank a blog is known as SEO, and there are two parts of SEO.

The first one is On-Page SEO and the second one is Off-Page SEO. Both equally important and you should consider them as the backbone of your blog’s ranking.

However, in the beginning, we should focus on On-Page SEO rather the Off-Page SEO. But after a couple of weeks, you should also focus on Off-Page SEO. In this post, we are going to talk about the Off-Page SEO in-depth.

So, let’s find out some of the most important points about Off-Page SEO and the working Off-Page SEO techniques.

Off-Page SEO or Off-Site SEO is the most important part of SEO that usually refers to backlinks.

The complete Off-Page SEO depends on taking various types of backlinks.

Now if you are thinking what are backlinks, then let me tell you backlink is how someone refers to you.

Let me clear it with an example.


Example:- Suppose you are selling shoes and one more person is selling the same shoes. Then a customer comes to your shop to buy shoes. But tell him that another person is having better quality.

Then the customer will think if a shopkeeper is referring to another seller then he may have better quality.

In this process, the customer is the search engine, and your reference is the backlink. This is how a backlink actually works.

When two blogs are writing on the same topic but one is referring to another one by adding the link in the targeted keyword. Then the search engine bots consider that another blog having better quality than the first one.

Getting the authority by getting backlinks from other relevant blogs is known as Off-Page SEO.

However, the backlinks you are taking for your blog should be in a natural way and it shouldn’t be unnatural and irrelevant.

Types Of Backlinks


Web 2.0 – Web 2.0 is one of the best and free ways to get backlinks. There are so many web 2.0 sites are available where you can post your article and can get backlinks directly to your site.

Profile Links – A lot of sites are available where you can make your profile and can add your website URL in your profile. However, it is not a quality link but works pretty well.

Guest Post – Guest posts are one of the most important and high-quality links that you can give to your blog. For guest posts, you can talk with other blog owners, if they allow you to post your article on their blog.

Then you can get a backlink from the article you are posting on that blog.

Authority Sites Links – Sites like Forbes, Wikipedia and Huffington Post have good authority and if you want to get backlinks from these sites then you can contact them and can send you well-written unique content to them.

Forum Links – So many question answering forums are available where you can answer the topics that are related to your content and then you can leave your site’s link in your answer.

These are some of the most important and well-known ways of getting backlinks. And if you want to do a good Off-Page SEO for your blog then you can surely go for these types of backlinks they will surely help your blog to rank on Google.