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The Ultimate SEO Tutorial for 2020

Google is rolling out so many news ranking updates every day. They have introduced so many ranking factors in May 2020 core update. If you are not following them, then you are doing a big mistake.

Sometimes you might be doing it intentionally or unintentionally. So, in today’s post, we are going to talk about Ultimate SEO Tutorial for 2020. In this post, we will be talking about the working strategies that we are teaching our students at webinsides.

We always share the real ranking methods that are the reason why students are rating us as the Best Digital Marketing Institute In Meerut, and the Best Digital Marketing Institute In GTB Nagar.

So, let’s get in-depth to know the exact working strategies to rank on Google in 2020.

The Ultimate SEO Tutorial for 2020

#1. Find untapped keywords – Undoubtedly keyword research is one of the most important parts of SEO. When we are talking about the ranking factors or the Ultimate SEO Tutorial for 2020, then keyword research is the most important point that should be the first priority before starting a blog.

Also, you should focus on untapped or new keywords. Because they are quite less competitive and you can easily rank them without investing a huge amount of money.

So, let me tell you in detail what does it actually mean when I am saying an untapped keyword. Basically, these are terms that people are searching for but the big websites aren’t talking about them.

You can find them in Google Images, it is a good source to find the untapped keyword. Just search a keyword on Google, go to the Google Images, then check out the images tags. These keywords are less competitive and you can easily rank on them.

Now make a list of keyword and check their volume and go for it.

#2. Optimize your content for Google – You may listen to a phrase many times, content is king. And I would say it is not king until you make it the king. For that, you should optimize your content according to Google’s conditions.

You should follow algorithm guidelines, you should write unique content, you should add graphics in it, you should write lengthy content, and most important you should use your keyword smartly.

These are the ways you will have to take care to optimize your content as per Google ranking factors. If you follow all the right ways then you will surely rank on Google, just deeply search for a low-competitive and good keyword and write SEO-friendly content on it.

If you have done this, then you already nailed it. Now all you have to wait and watch and you will be getting the good news every time whenever you will check your ranking.

#3. Promote your content – You might be wondering about this point, but it is very important. When you publish a new post then it doesn’t actually have any authority in Google.

So, you have to share it as much as you can on social platforms from where it can get some traffic, and if people are engaging with your content, then you will see the ranking boost on your blog. This is one of the smartest ways by which you can give an instant boost to your blog’s ranking.

#4. Get other sites to link to you – Content is the king then backlinks are the queen. You have to maintain both of them. Good and high-quality backlinks are always good for your blog’s health and of course, they should be in enough and right quantity.

To get some high-quality backlinks, you have to find the websites that are similar to your blog and are talking about the same or related topics. If you find them, then ask them to link your blog in their content professionally.

The admin may charge you some bucks for the backlinks, but it will help you a lot to rank on Google. So, this is also one of the most important ways which give you a stable ranking and your blog’s ranking won’t fluctuate on SERP.

So, these are some fo the working ways to rank on Google, and if you follow this Ultimate SEO Tutorial for 2020. Then you will be able to rank on Google for sure, just all you have to follow the right strategies in the right way.